"Turkey Has Completed the First Phase of the Fight Against Coronavirus"


Minister of Health, Dr. Fahrettin Koca, delivered statements at the press conference held after the Coronavirus Scientific Committee Meeting.

In his speech, highlighting that the healthcare army had come a long way thanks to the support of the Turkish people, Koca said: "Turkey has completed the first phase of the fight against the coronavirus."

Providing information about the coronavirus situation in Turkey, Koca continued: "As of yesterday, the total number of recovered cases has increased up to 73.285. The difference between recovered cases and total cases is getting smaller. This week, we have witnessed yet another important development. For the first time this week, the number of recovered cases surpassed the number of existing cases. These results are proofs of our success in diagnosis, treatment and containment efforts."

"Your home is still the safest place against the virus"

Minister Koca stressed that Turkey had entered the second phase of the fight against the coronavirus and added that, again, success was dependent on some conditions and measures.

Pointing out that it was wrong to think that all carriers were in hospitals or in isolation at home, Koca continued: "The pandemic has been contained however, the facts about the virus remain unchanged. Your home is still the safest place against the virus. This should not mean that we are giving up on measures. We will be free in a controlled way."

Adding that the pandemic had been contained in Turkey and it was possible to make concrete projections for the month of June, Koca said: "Risk will be with us for a long time. Thinking that everything will go back to the way it was before 2020 is a misconception. Even though we keep saying 'normalization', we are not going back to normal. We are creating the new normal. This new normal will be different than what we are used to. I think, this should be the main idea."

A controlled social life

Pointing out that in the second stage of the coronavirus, the goal was to gain the upper hand and reorganize life, Koca continued:

"We will call this process 'A Controlled Social Life'. In the upcoming days, we can leave our homes more often. This new situation must have its own rules and measures. We are going into a free but a cautious lifestyle. There are two rules to the controlled social life: First, if we have to go out, we will wear masks and then, we will practice social distancing."

Mobile application

Noting that the mobile application developed by the Ministry will be of vital importance during the controlled social life period, Koca added: "Using this application, you can see the level of risk wherever you are and take measures immediately. In its first day, the application reached 5 million 600 thousand users."

Number of tests to be increased

Koca said: "With our teams and healthcare personnel, will be more careful than before. We expect the same thing from you. Our goal is to zero the number of new cases and new deaths. Our goal is to ensure continuous success and get good results. Our goal is a life with least number of limitations as possible. We know we can achieve it."


Updated: 07/05/2020