Deputy Minister Meşe Attends Panel on "Future in Health"


The Deputy Minister of Health, Prof. Emine Alp Meşe, attended the panel on "Future in Health" in Çorum.

Addressing the panel organized jointly by the Ministry of Health and Hitit University, Meşe noted that healthcare expenditures were increasing globally and that healthcare services were one of the largest and fastest growing markets in the world, consuming about 10 percent of gross domestic product in all developed countries.

Underlining that head-spinning innovations and advancements were taking place enabled by computer and Internet technologies, in the field of healthcare in particular, and that science, which constitutes the foundation of healthcare services, was moving at full speed, Meşe added: "The field of healthcare becomes increasingly dependent on technology. In this new ecosystem, each player must reposition and redesign itself."

Emphasizing the importance to keep up with the new order in this area, Meşe said:

"In order to exist in this new world of healthcare, companies will have to review their value chains and business models and transform themselves. Healthcare services will become more integrated and governments will have to introduce new regulations, curricula and management styles. In order to cope with these challenges and to ensure integration with and adaptation to three fundamental technological fields, healthcare systems need to be developed, in other words, redesigned."

Pointing out that the Ministry focused heavily on health transformation in the 11th Development Plan, Meşe added: "We are working towards a healthcare system where care is fully integrated, ground-breaking innovations are adopted, a well-balanced diet and active life style are encouraged and investments for the benefit of a healthy and productive society are promoted."

Highlighting the importance of domestic manufacturing, Meşe added that they were focused on their localization and nationalization efforts in the field of medicine and medical device.

At the panel, Hakkı Gürsöz, President of the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency, delivered a presentation titled "What Kind of A Future Expects Us in Medicine and Medical Device?", Yasin Yarbay, Information Systems Coordinator of City Hospitals, titled "Digital Transformation in Healthcare", Prof. Nurcan Baykam, Vice-President of Hitit University, titled "Professions of the Future", and Prof. İrfan Kurtbaş, Director of Scientific and Technical Application and Research Center of Hitit University, titled "University-Trade Cooperation".

Updated: 26/02/2020