Health Minister Demircan: “No price shall be demanded from the emergency patients”

Dr. Ahmet Demircan, Minister of Health, held a press conference following the 2-day “Health Services Evaluation Meeting”. Dr. Demircan said that a facility with hospital permit had to take care of the emergency cases, each health center would response to the emergency patients to the extent possible and no price would be demanded from the emergency patients. 

Stating that Turkey had been going through a good health transformation process since 2002, Dr. Demircan concluded that “First stage of the health transformation was completed successfully. We are working on the second phase. We are among the few countries which settled the issue of health financing in the world. We are also continuing to work for infrastructure development to ensure accessibility, efficiency and effectivity of the healthcare services. We are working to improve our healthcare staff and reach the desired level”. 

“This model will finish the overpopulating at the emergency departments”

Dr. Demircan said that “We are solving the problems in the field of health one by one. We took an important step to finish the overpopulation at the emergency departments. As we observed, 70% of the patients resorting to emergency services are “green area” patients instead of “red” and “yellow” area. We are liable to take care of any patient who requests to be treated at the emergency department. Therefore, we developed a model for all patients which will not require a long waiting time. In this model, patients transferred with ambulances will be treated immediately without any registration procedure. “Yellow area” patients are also responded in a short time after registration. But “green area” patients are divided into two: patients with emergency conditions are named as “green 1” and patients who can be treated with clinical services are referred to clinical services departments established nearby and based on time shift. This model will finish the overpopulating at emergency departments.    

Dr. Ahmet Demircan also stated that they made the necessary arrangements to make sure that private hospitals too would take care of the emergency patients. 

Updated: 23/02/2018