New era began in the emergency services

Dr. Ahmet Demircan, Minister of Health of the Republic of Turkey expressed that implementation of service provision in outpatient clinics between 16.00 – 23.00 has started which is categorized according to intensity and started in 20 hospitals in İstanbul and 63 hospitals in nationwide.

H.E. Minister Demircan stated that at the Istanbul Health Services Coordination Meeting held in the Beyaz Köşk in Emirgan Korusu, they will discuss the city's health problems, health requirements and needs with the mayors in Istanbul.

Dr. Demircan stated that the population of Istanbul is constantly increasing and “the problems of Istanbul in the field of health as in all fields are increasing and developing with the dynamism suitable to this growth, and the solution requires us to dominate the situation continuously and dynamically. Do we have enough hospitals? Do we have enough beds? Where are the needs? We will share them with our mayors. "

“Service provision in outpatient clinics between 16.00 – 23.00”

Stating that they can meet the outpatient clinic demands in general, H.E. Minister Demircan said that the doctor deficit will be reduced in the near future.

Dr. Ahmet Demircan, expressed that there is an overcrowdedness of patients in the emergency services, and:

“there are various reasons of the overcrowdedness in the emergency services. One of them is that our citizen thinks that the circumstance is an emergency we must respond when they come to the emergency. But for sure we implement areal separation to the patients in the emergency services during the process called triage. The patients that need to be intervened immediately are taken to the red area, before registration we immediately put bracelet for the identification the patient is intervened. The second area is the yellow on for the patients that need to be intervened quickly. The third one is green area for the patients whose problems can be solved in the outpatient clinics. These are the largest group that come to the emergency services. For not to tell the patient that “go now, come tomorrow” and “your situation is not urgent, visit at this time of the day” we need to examine the patient and prescribe even if his/her situation is not urgent bearing in mind that the patient thinks it is urgent, then it is. We made plans to overcome the overcrowdedness  in the emergency services taking into account of the some of our daily outpatient capacity and the numbers excessing our outpatient capacity and our specialized doctors by shifting the working hours to 16.00 – 23.00 including the peak hours 20.00 – 23.00. Our citizen will get emergency services in the evening, it will not be delayed, and we will solve this crowdedness. We will not keep the patient that is in the red or yellow area for a long time. We swiftly transfer them to the inpatient services by limiting the stay time in the emergency.

The patient will be observed in the inpatient services ensuring that there will not be overcrowdedness. Another reason for the overcrowdedness in the emergency services is that private hospitals do not spare enough time and area for the emergency. We are taking some precautions ensuring the private hospitals to spare enough time and area for the we will overcome the problem of emergency services in our agenda..


Updated: 07/02/2018