Health Minister Dr. Demircan Visited Emergencies

Dr. Ahmet Demircan, Minister of Health of the Republic of Turkey visited the emergency services of the state hospitals with overcrowdedness in Istanbul.

Minister Demircan, who visited the emergency services of the state hospitals in Istanbul, where he came for the Provincial Health Services Coordination Meeting, examined the implementation of the circular that was issued to reduce the overcrowdedness in the emergency services. H.E Dr. Demircan got information from the hospital managers about the situation of the emergency.

First, Excellency Dr.  Demircan, who visited Okmeydanı Training and Research Hospital's emergency, chatted with citizens and health workers and offered chocolate.

Minister Dr. Demircan remarked that there were some problems related to the density in the hospital and said “We recently sent a circular to all our provinces. There are some regulations in this circular for the reduction of overcrowdedness and the victimization of our real emergency patients. I also wanted to visit the hospitals’ emergency services and see the implementation in place. We are striving to provide the highest quality health care for our citizens.”

Excellency Demircan also visited Şişli Hamidiye Etfal Training and Research Hospital and Haydarpaşa Numune Training and Research Hospital and received information from the officials.

When he has opportunity from his busy program H.E. Dr. Ahmet Demircan, visits the hospitals. In Ankara, he had also checked hospitals at midnight, as it remembered.

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Updated: 07/02/2018