Minister of Health Dr. Demircan paid a visit to soldiers wounded in Olive Branch Operation

Minister of Health Dr. Ahmet Demircan paid a visit to soldiers wounded in Olive Branch Operation and being treated in Gülhane Training and Research Hospital.

Mr. Demircan saying Turkey was conducting an operation in Afrin exercising its right to defend itself in order to protect regional peace and safety of life of its people stated that “To this day we have had 3 martyrs. There are 11 wounded soldiers being treated in our hospital” after having said that there were soldiers martyred and wounded in the operation. 

Mr. Demircan said the soldiers had a very high morale and that they are being looked after as necessary. Demircan wished well for the health of soldiers after having said there was no life-critical soldier in hospital.

Minister Demircan having emphasized that the nation was putting forward a response to the attack carried out against its own security stated the following about criticisms expressed about the operation: “Everyone with a national and local mind has stood by our nation using its right of defence. It is not possible to understand the attitude that is not national and local in terms of using one’s right of defence. Our nation is following everything about this issue with much discernment and as a case in point”.

Mr. Demircan said that “This mighty nation has paid the ultimate price for its sovereignty, independence, peace and humanity for centuries”  and that “today our nation is again paying a price for peace, security, independence, salvation of the country and future of the nation.” Minister Demircan answering the questions of the journalists said in reply to a question that to this day the number of the injured brought to our country was 130 and that 82 of them were discharged after undergoing an outpatient treatment. Mr. Demircan stated the following:  “In the region we have 14 losses. 3 of them are our soldiers and 11 are members of the Free Syrian Army. We have 22 injured patients referred to health institutions outside the region. 11 of them are here. We don’t have critically wounded patient for the time being.  We are prepared for everything.”

Mr. Demircan having emphasized that they were already prepared as the Ministry in terms of health professionals, personnel and supplies said the following: “We dispatched all the necessary supplies before the operation started. We have no problem regarding personnel and equipment. Our air ambulances and helicopters are in the region. We transfer the wounded outside the line without delay and perform the medical intervention. Turkey has all the facilities to respond to such a situation easily.”

Updated: 06/02/2018