Casualties of the terrorist attacks

UPDATED : 24/02/2018

A reporter asked: "What is latest about the police officer injured due to the terrorist attack in Gaziantep and how about the other casualties? Could we talk about a potential influenza outbreak and what measures are taken for the time being" Akdağ said: "Currently, we have 71 injured citizens being treated at our hospitals due to the attack. Eight of them are critical. The police officer in Gaziantep is recovering. Unlike what is generally thought, people catch cold or flu not from cold weather but viruses. There are two measures to take: First, we must be more careful than usual about hand hygiene. Cold or flu does not spread through respiratory route only. One of the most practical ways to keep away from them is to rigorously wash our hands with soap. Vaccines help protect from influenza. We recommend influenza vaccine for elderly or diabetic citizens and we provide the vaccine for free. But healthy adults do not need to get the influenza vaccine. Because, the germs change outfits every year. Influenza is more severe than common cold, presenting with high fever and more need for bed rest. There is no need to use antibiotics, though."
Another reporter asked: "It is said that people go to hospitals too much for flu and that the swine flu may have mutated. Is that true?" Akdağ replied: "Currently, we do not have an epidemic in Turkey or elsewhere in the world. No need to worry."